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Scene 48: Behind the Scenes and Between the Lines, Jennifer Manocherian on Screenwriting

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Full Podcast Transcript

Welcome to The Script Mistress, where we dive into the world of screenwriting. I'm your host, Amber Bosworth. In this episode, we have an exclusive interview with Jennifer Manocherian. Jennifer is a Tony-winning producer (awards for War Horse, La Cage Aux Folles revival, August: Osage County, Spring Awakening, The Norman Conquests revival, Thoroughly Modern Millie; and she's also been on 24 other Broadway shows), film writer/producer (Family Blues, formerly Hudson River Blues; in production Boundary Waters), screenwriting teacher, playwright-librettist (Marry Harry, Cockroaches & Cologne).

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I had the immense pleasure and joy of meeting Jennifer and interviewing her earlier this week. 

Jennifer Manocherian has been a Broadway and off-Broadway theatre producer for over thirty years. She wrote the book of a musical, Marry Harry, with composers Dan Martin and Michael Biello, which had a production at the York Theatre in NY, then was filmed in a sound studio for online streaming (Amazon Prime Video, and The same team wrote a short musical for streaming that will be available shortly. She wrote and produced the film Family Blues, also on Amazon Prime Video, and has another film planned for filming next year. Aside from other writing projects, she teaches introductory screenwriting at The Sarah Lawrence Writing Institute. Prior to her career as a producer,  she was a family therapist and a divorce mediator. Jennifer serves on the board of New York Stage & Film, a nonprofit devoted to developing new works. And she has transitioned into published author. Her new book, Alpha Bette, is out now and you can get that on Amazon. While she is promoting her book, she got to sit with me and go over screenwriting and how her life has helped shape her into the writer she is today.

What an awesome opportunity for my little podcast. Thank you again, Jennifer! 

Jennifer’s Info: 


Instagram: @jennifermanocherian 

Alpha Bette: 

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